What is a rated battleground WoW?


In the World of Warcraft Player versus Player (PvP) scene, there are two routes a player may choose to take. On one hand, you have arenas, which consist of 2v2 and 3v3 arena battles, and on the other hand, you have battlegrounds, which vary on the player and team size depending on the particular battleground, however for ‘rated’ battlegrounds, or RBG’s as they are known in World of Warcraft, these are 10 vs 10 games. Those familiar with the game have most definitely seen the phrase WoW RBG boost before either in-game or outside, and this refers to the exchange of money for an RBG carry in WoW. WoW RBG boost services are, as the name implies, services that give players that lack the skill a competitive advantage over others by either having a boosting team play on your account or by playing with a boosting team. In World of Warcraft, your ‘rating’ means a lot, as it shows your skill level and achievement in the PvP category it is obtained in, and as such RBG boosting has been a popular World of Warcraft boosting service for some time now.

In the vanilla iteration of the game, rereleased as World of Warcraft: Classic in later years, rated battlegrounds were slightly different than they were today, with the ‘rating’ system being nonexistent and instead of having an honor level that instead of being rewarded or withdrawn depending on player performance it was more of a grinding experience, but nonetheless, RBG boosting in vanilla or Classic iterations of the game were most certainly services that were available. However today, most WoW PvP boost service providers tend to focus on Shadowlands PvP boosting, as this is currently the most competitive and popular rated PvP mode of the game.

Many boost teams offer varying levels of quality for a 10vs10 boost or RBG boost in WoW, and prices for such services especially with regard to Shadowlands PvP boosting vary tremendously as well. As such players may be confused as to which is the best WoW boosting service provider available on the market. Kingboost is one of those professional boost service providers, offering competitively priced, price-matched, and ensured reliability of which by a 4.9/5 overall Trustpilot review, that offers Shadowlands PvP boosting. These services are aimed to give struggling players the advantage to achieve high ratings, especially in the rated battleground category, an opportunity to gain something that they otherwise would not have been able to do so without Kingboost kindly offering the service.

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