The 10 best CS:GO eSport teams in the world


The popularity of the eSports industry continues to grow and more and more people outside of the gaming scene have started to follow virtual sports online like the CS:GO news. Also commercially, eSports are becoming increasingly important for marketing purposes and merchandising. In addition, the prize money at the tournaments is constantly increasing and the industry is becoming more and more professional. However, there is only a comparatively small selection of games that can achieve the status of an eSport title. Because there are some prerequisites attached to it. Counter Strike Global Offensive can be seen as an ideal eSport title.

  1. SK Gaming took part in 11 events over the last year and was able to win 8 of them. That makes the Brazilians the best team in the world
  2. Astralis is one of the teams who can beat SK Gaming in a direct duel. The Danes are among the pursuers of the Brazilians
  3. G2 Esports was able to prove itself at the ESL Pro League Finals and the DreamHack Tours, the major was rather disappointing. However, they cannot rest on their laurels for much longer
  4. FaZe has been disappointing lately. At the PGL Major, the team around star player NiKo was eliminated in the preliminary round. With the new addition GuardiaN at the AWP, things should go uphill again
  5. Natus Vincere also fell short of expectations in the past time. With the return of Zeus, they want to catch up with the top of the CS:GO scene
  6. Immortals delivered an impressive performance at the PGL Major in Krakow and showed that there is more than one top Brazilian team
  7. Fnatic still has a strong lineup and can often convince. Only the big successes have not been seen lately
  8. Gambit Gaming is of course on everyone’s lips, they won the last major in Krakow and even left teams like Astralis behind. Without Zeus, however, comparable success is difficult to imagine
  9. is still a team in CS:GO that should not be underestimated. The Poles are weakening a little at the moment, but with the Major they showed again that they can be expected
  10. BIG is the German surprise of the year. The team around gob b marched confidently through the group stage in Krakow and even left SK Gaming behind