Valorant Agent Tier List: How Difficult are the starting Agents?


Valorant is not a normal first-person shooter, as Valorant tries to combine the advantages of other games such as Counter-Strike and Overwatch.
With 17 different agents to choose from, each with different skills, making the right choice can be tricky. If you’re just at the beginning of your Valorant journey and want to know which agents are good to start with and which ones you should invest some time in, this is the tier list for you.

Unlocked Agents

In Valorant there are five agents to choose from right from the start, all others have to be unlocked in a playful way. While playing and climbing the ladder you will also unlock the other agents. Otherwise, you could also use a Valorant boosting service.

Brimstone – Simple

Brimstone is not only quite simple but also very effective. His kit is easy to understand and his skills are extremely useful for your own team.
His signature ability, Sky Smoke, is considered arguably the best smoke in the game. With his ultimate, Orbital Strike, you can conjure up a juicy multi-kill with a little help and information from the teammates. Timing is the key here!

Sova – Simple

If you want a little more information about the map and the positions of your opponents, Sova is your man. With the Recon Bolt and the Owl Drone, you can also push out a lane with little risk on your own or provide your teammates with information, for example, to find enemy snipers without risk.
His ultimate breaks one of the rules of the game and can give you kills through walls, but be careful: if the opponents are prepared, they can dodge the arrows with relative ease. But it’s perfectly made for protecting the Spike from being defused.

Sage – Easy

Sage has long been considered one of the strongest agents in the game due to her ability to heal other players and even revive with her ultimate.
In addition, she can thwart entire pushes with her slow orb or synergize greatly with the abilities of other agents, such as grenades or certain ultimates. With the Barrier Orb, Sage can not only seal off a point for some time, but she can also use it to boost herself to a higher position, which can give her a decisive advantage. In addition, the wall can be used to revive teammates without risk or to boost yourself offensively.

Phoenix – Medium

The first three agents were still relatively easy, with Phoenix it is a bit more demanding. Especially his Flashbang is thrown as a curve and explodes – high potential to blind friend and foe alike. The Flashbang is also a good way to run into Smokes and knock them out without blinding yourself or your team. So it pays off to try out this ability in a custom game. He also has relatively good self-sustain as he can heal himself in the flames of his abilities.
His ultimate, Run it Back, allows him to run around for a short time, eliminating opponents planning bombs, or picking up weapons. After the time is up or the clone dies, you return to the original location – with full hitpoints and a reloaded weapon. Make sure to use it with your team for a push, otherwise, with a little bad luck, you could be killed again immediately after your reincarnation.

Jett – Hard

Jett is arguably one of the most difficult agents in the game, but if everything goes as it should, you could soon find yourself in a highlight compilation. But you can also quickly switch to observer mode for the round with an incorrectly used ability.
Her updraft and signature ability Tailwind are both great tools for moving out of tight spots or ambushing from less popular angles with little risk. Her Smoke can practically be fired off the wrist without having to equip a tool for it. If you place the smoke over doors or on boxes, it can also very easily function as a so-called “one-way smoke”: If you stand far enough away, you can see the opponent’s legs, but they only see the smoke.
If you have Jetts Ultimate active, you can kill opponents with headshots across the entire map without recoil with a single left click and refresh the number of your throwing knives to a maximum again.