Counter-strike global offensive: the 5 best tips for beginners


Here are our top 5 tips for beginners to improve your gameplay instantly:

5. Use stun grenades
With this trick you can rob your opponents in CS:GO at least for a short time. Throw a stun grenade to briefly blind the enemy. If you were caught by a stun grenade yourself, you should throw back a stun grenade as soon as possible to blind the enemy as well. This method is called “counter-flashing”.

4. Smoke grenades when disarming
A second type of grenade is the smoke grenade. Use the smoke grenades to protect yourself from opponents in open space.
Even if you defuse a bomb in the team of the special unit, the smoke bomb is very useful. So the opponents do not see whether the bomb is being disarmed.
The smoke also makes you, for example, invisible to snipers.

3. Run with the knife in hand
With this little trick you can run a little faster, which sometimes makes a difference between life and death. Whip out your knife to get from one place to another faster.
As soon as you see an opponent, you should quickly use the first weapon again so that you can survive the fight.

2. Have a suitable second weapon ready
If you have a primary weapon, you should also have a good secondary weapon with you. If you use a sniper rifle, such as an “AWP” as a primary weapon, you should also have a good pistol for emergencies.
The best pistol is the Desert Eagle, but also the most expensive at $ 800.

1. Move as quietly as possible in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
It is also very important in Counter-Strike to move quietly so that the opponent does not hear you immediately. Press the [Shift] key to sneak quietly.
You are a bit slower, but also inaudible to your opponents.
Press the [Ctrl] key on a ladder to climb it quietly. Also, don’t use striking skins in CS:GO.