Urban Legend: Coke & Aspirin


The legend about the results the ingesting Coca Cola and Aspirin together has been circulating for decades. Various theories as to the effect of combining the two include:

  • It will get you high
  • It’s an aphrodisiac
  • It will kill you instantly
  • It will cure a hangover

In the 1930′s, an Illinois doctor wrote (falsely) to the Journal of the American Medical Association to “warn that teenagers were mixing aspirin and Coca-Cola to create an “intoxicating” beverage with addictive properties that were as bad as “narcotic habituation.”

The mixture of Coca Cola and Aspirin may indeed help to ease the effects of a hangover. On its own,  Cola would help to rehydrate the body, and aspirin would relieve the physical symptoms of a headache. “When served up together, the combination packs a much greater pain-killing effect than either of the products would on their own because the caffeine in the soda appears to work to boost the effect of the aspirin.”

Source: Snopes