Lucy in the Sky: The Largest Diamond


The largest diamond ever found is not on Earth, but in the burned out corpse of a star named BPM 37093.  It is located about 50 light years away from Earth in the constellation Centaurus.  The white dwarf star is a chunk of crystallized carbon that weighs 5 million trillion trillion pounds. That would equal a diamond of 10 billion trillion trillion carats.  After it was discovered in 2004, astronomers nicknamed the space diamond Lucy after the Beatles song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

By comparison, the largest diamonds on Earth are the 545-caret Golden Jubilee Diamond and the 530-carat Great Star of Africa. The Golden Jubilee Diamond was found in 1985 and is in Thailand’s Royal Palace as part of the crown jewels. The Great Star of Africa was found in 1905 and is in the Tower of London as part of the Crown Jewels of England.  (Space Today)