The characters in Starwars: The Old Republic

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What is Starwars: The Old Republic?

Starwars: The Old Republic is a video game that was published by Ea (Electronic Arts) in 2011. It is also called SWTOR in its shorte form. The game is basically an MMORPG that takes place in the fantastic Starwars universe and was developed by BioWare. The gameplay mechanics are pretty much the same as from World of Warcraft. The story of the game is interesting and worth to follow. The game isn’t just an MMO, it’s also a full-blooded RPG that also allows you to enjoy the story alone if you’re not keen with multiplayer.The storyline is long, the gameplay is smooth and the graphic is pretty good for its release year. The game is good so you will have a lot to grind if you are a Starwars fan.

The different classes

The play principle of SWTOR is easy: Every player has to choose between the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire. In further game running you can also choose between eight different classes with unique playstyles, advantages, and disadvantages. They will have all different abilities, strengths and own three-act storylines that progress as the character levels up.

The eight main classes are divided into tanks, healers and strong guys with massive damage outputt. There are the Jedi Knights, the Jedi Consulars, the Trooper and the Smuggler on the good side. On the dark side, there are the Sith Warriors, the Sith Inquisitors, the Bounty Hunters, and the Imperial Agents. Every class has also advanced classes with other class roles. For example, the Sith Inquisitors have the Sorcerers and the Assassins as advanced classes. The class roles of the sorcerors are damage and healing and the class roles of the Assassins are tank and damage.

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You can choose and level up your character exactly how you want him and adjust him to your playstyle. The other advanced classes of the Galactic Republic are the Jedi Guardians, the Jedi Sentinels, the Jedi Shadows, the Jedi Sages, the Scoundrels, the Gunslingers, the Vanguards and the Commandos. The dark side has the Sith Juggernauts, the Sith Marauders, the Sith Assassins, the Sith Sorcerers, the Operatives, the Snipers, the Powertechs and the Mercenary as advanced classes. So as you see you have a wide selection of different classes and gameplay styles.

Along leveling up your character you will need to buy also armor and items to get good. These are also really helpful and important elements of the game which also widen the personalization of the characters a bit more. Equipping your character fully will need a lot of Credits. You can buy Credits from many online shops. There are lots of providers like, for example, mmoga or gamereasy. But swtor credits aren’t the only thing you can buy. You can also buy items and armors from these providers or even Powerleveling for some dollars. The delivery is fast and you will get your order in some hours per in-game mail.