Review – Bubble shoter browser games


What are browser games and bubble shooter?

Browser games are free games that people can play in the browser. There are plenty of sites offering a wide collection of browser games. There are many different categories of games filled with thousands of browser games.

One of these categories is bubble shooters. Bubble shooters are games where you have to shoot the bubbles as the name says. The rules are easy. You have to match the colors from the balls you shot with the balls in the game. If you have matched three or more bubbles next to each other they pop and you get points. You will get the more points the more bubbles you pop at once. The goal of the game is to pop as many bubbles as possible and get as many points as possible before you die. You will die in this game when the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen. So make sure you pop them efficiently. One efficient way is to pop the bubbles that are over some others. If you pop the bubbles that are over other bubbles they will pop too because they are not attached to anything. One more important thing to know is that you don’t have a time limit. You can play slowly and concentrated as well as fast and maybe rash. In this game, the time is your friend so don’t hurry.

There are many different versions of bubble shooters. You can play with different looking bubbles like emojis, sweets, pets and many more or also just play different modes like Bubble extreme, Bubble shooters with a time limit or with scrolling down bubbles and many others.

One big advantage of browser games and bubble shooters is, that you don’t have to pay anything and also don’t have to sign up or anything like this. You can play the games on every device so if you are somewhere where you are bored but you don’t have games on your mobile because you don’t want to use storage space you could just play a round of bubble shooter. The only disadvantage is, that you have to watch advertisements if you want to play.