Phrase Origins: Raining Cats and Dogs


There are numerous guesses at the origin of the popular phrase “It’s raining cats and dogs”, none of which can be said to be definitively accurate.  One common tale says the phrase is derived  that cats and dogs were washed from thatched roofs (where they used to hide) during heavy rainfall. Another supposed origin is from the myths of the Teutons around 100 B.C. The wind was envisioned as a huge dog that served Odin, the Norse god of wisdom. When it rained heavily, Odin’s dog (in the form of the wind) was chasing a cat (in the form of rain) – and thus it was said that Odin was dropping “cats and dogs”.  A more likely origin may come from 17/18th century England where during heavy rain, dead animals and other debris could be seen drifting down the streets. Phrases )