Mexican Coca-Cola vs. Regular Coca-Cola


Mexican Coke (aka “MexiCoke”) is Coca-Cola that is made and bottled in Mexico. It has become very popular in the United States because consumers claim that Mexican Coke is “a lot more natural tasting.” This  taste can be partially attributed to the use of refined cane sugar in Mexican Coke, as opposed to the high-fructose corn syrup found in nearly all soft drinks bottled in the United States because of tariffs on imported sugar. Mexican Coke is also packaged in a thick glass bottle. Informal researchers claim  that as the “most inert” material in which the cola is packaged, it is possible that glass results in a subtly more “pure, unaltered” product than plastic or aluminum.


In taste tests, tasters have noted that the Mexican Coke has “a more complex flavor with an ineffable spicy and herbal note” and that it contained something “that darkly hinted at root beer or old-fashioned sarsaparilla candies.” Some have suggested that the flavor resembles that of the kola nut.Tasters have also commented that the Mexican Coke lacks the acidic, chemical taste of American Coke and that it “tastes a lot more like a naturally sweet beverage such as juice.”


Mexican Coke has become so popular that a website,, dedicated to listing Mexican Coke retail store locations has been created. (New York TimesWiki)