Lina Medina: The World’s Youngest Mother


Born on September 27, 1933, in Ticrapo, Huancavelica Region, Peru, Lina Medina is the youngest confirmed mother in medical history. At five years of age, the young girl gave birth to a boy (named Gerardo) on May 14,1939.

Medina’s case was reported by Dr. Edmundo Escomel (one of Peru’s preeminent physician-researchers) in the medical journal La Presse Médicale.  Escomel noted that her menstrual cycle began at eight months of age and that she had prominent breast development by the age of four. By age five, her figure displayed pelvic widening and advanced bone maturation. When doctors performed the caesarean to deliver her baby, they found she already had fully mature sexual organs from precocious puberty.  The identity of the father was never discovered as Lina  “couldn’t give precise responses.”

Medina Lina and her husband currently reside in the “Little Chicago” district of Lima, Peru. Read More…