Hugo Boss Made Uniforms for the Nazis


Before Hugo Boss A.G. became known for classic men’s suits and flashy ties, the clothing manufacturer made uniforms for the Nazis. Hugo Boss founded the textile factory in 1923. In the 1930′s, when the company began making Nazi uniforms, it was a family-run business that manufactured police and postal uniforms. He joined the Nazi Party in 1931, and two years later, began manufacturing Nazi uniforms. Production continued throughout the war, and  the company brought forced laborers from Poland and France to its factory to increase output in the later years.

After Hugo Boss’s death in 1948, the factory returned to making uniforms for postal and police workers. It produced its first men’s suits in the 1950′s, but did not focus exclusively on men’s fashion until the early 1970′s. (New York TimesWikipedia)